Successfully Training And Job
 Patricia K. thanks God for the advancement she is experiencing in her profession. She successfully graduated and now she has her own shop.  
Thanking God For Her Life
 Rita M. T is thanking God for adding another year to her life and she is also grateful to God for she being promoted in her office. 
Successful Examination
 I thank God for creating a cloud by day and fire by night for my security and provision He made for me throughout my three years in school. Also seeing me through a successful examination, I believe that God will surely crow my effort with great success in Jesus name. Amen. Bernice A.  
New Car
 I thank God for what he has done in my life for adding one car to my car. I pray that He will do more for me. I pray for His protection in my life, finance, my work and my family. Amen. God knows me. Thank you.  
Exclusive Travel Treatment
 One of our fathers wants to share this praise report, he says ‘When the beauty of God is upon your life you will be given a first-class treatment on British Airways when you paid for an economy class ticket. Amen.  
Awarded the best staff
 I want to thank God for another blessing. For the second time I have been awarded the best staff and the highest number of recruitment. Even though there was some controversies and disagreements the theme of this year which is an example of the grace spoke on my behalf. To God be all the glory.  

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