Voices of Transformation

Voices of Transformation, is the awesome and outstanding choir of the church. As the music department of the church, our main aim is to ensure that members of the choir are well equipped with the necessary techniques and skills when it comes to singing and playing of musical instruments. The spiritual growth of our members is also considered very important. That is why we do not train our members to sing only, but to also see to it that they grow spiritually and are well equipped with the word of God.


Ushering first of all is a call from God to service. We at the Peniel Ushering Department attach a lot of seriousness to this call, we believe that in rendering services such as ushering, helping people with special needs and cleaning the church we are responding to a call of dedication, service and servant hood. We usher not because we are idle or in need of something to do but because it is a great grace and an opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus. We have been through rigorous studies to understand our call that every assignment or commission that God gives, comes with grace and strength to accomplish it.I am Proud to be an Usher in Peniel House Ministries.


Peniel Youth Ministry

A firm and bright future is the one which has people who have been empowered to implement change, behind her and can lean on them. One of the building blocks of a firm and bright future is empowering the youth. If a bright future can be guaranteed, then we need to empower our youth. We must help them realize what they are made of, the potentials they possess, and also inspire them (the youth) to explore the potentials with which God has blessed them. The youth ministry of Peniel House Ministries International believes that, the youth, if given the opportunity will play a major role or contribute effectively to the growth of the church. The ministry brings the youth of the church together not only for the fun of it but to build a firm relationship among the youth and also ensures that they grow spiritually by equipping them with the word of God. As part of a mother church and a subgroup of Peniel House Ministries International, our main focus is to reach our generation (the youth) with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with a marked objective of equipping and preparing them for the effective work of ministry in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The youth ministry coordinates series of programs and events for young adults intended to unveil leadership traits and abilities in order to affect our society and the world at large. We inspire the youth, help them realize their potentials, and ensure that they grow spiritually by equipping them with the word of God, to get them prepared for the kingdom work.

Teens & Little Lambs Church

“…Bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord…” (Ephesians 6:4) The Children’s Department of Peniel House Ministries Int. offers an exciting and creative approach to teaching and illustrating the word of God to children between the ages of two (2) to thirteen (13) years. This is where babies are taught the word of God, prayed for, attend to their physical needs like feeding, changing diapers, and allow them to sleep comfortably when necessary. Our trained teachers in this department ensure that Sunday school is always Fun, Memorable, Musical, Movement-based and Variety-filled Our children are engaged in various age-appropriate activities including art & craft, learning the scriptures, songs and rhymes. Children remember and express biblical truths through drama and music.

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Peniel Ladys

The Women Ministry of the Peniel House Ministries Int. plays a vital role in the church. Peniel Ladies is an active ministry and department of Peniel House Ministries Int., with a goal of mobilizing all women of PHMI behind God’s vision for the church. The Peniel Ladies are committed to the holistic application of the Word of God to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and financial needs of women at PHMI, and within our community, to the end that they will become GODLY WOMEN. The Peniel Ladies Ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith and walk with Christ, fully reflecting God’s character in all areas of life as: wives, mothers, parents, nurturers, leaders, business owners, career women etc., strengthen friendships and relationships with other women, and provide opportunities to reach, serve and impact our community. Women are to exhibit the true nature of Gods goodness, excellence, patience, etc All women of the church, irrespective of their background can easily relate to each other in A Godly loving manner and feel at home with each other. Not only do the women meet regularly to pray and develop spiritually, but we also involve ourselves in social Activities to provide fun and memorable times for the entire church. With the charisma of our leader and mother, the women are able to organize surprises for the men of the church leaving them asking for more! It is fulfilling to be part of the women ministry, which provides the platform of growth for women and more so, a place where one can experience true love and acceptance.

Peniel Media Team

This is the Media & Publications Ministry of the Church. This Ministry involves itself with the task of providing all the printed, audio and other publication materials of the church. They may design and print or publish any church literary material or may use the services of other professional to achieve their goals in performing their functions. Publications such as messages on CD, messages on DVD and all other publications including websites, and projector equipment are handled by this ministry. The church’s ability to impact society with the Gospel of Jesus Christ therefore depends on its ability to effectively utilize the various distribution tools available to it.


Information Department

The Information department is a front desk ministry responsible for managing the information system of the church. Specific activities of the information department include Registration of new members and Management of the membership data, Church announcements and dissemination of information, General enquiries.Records keeping, Management and sale of media products of the church. Due to the unique role and location of the department, its members are expected to be courteous, customer friendly, smart in their presentation and delivery, and modest in their dressing to give a good image of the church and above all exhibit Christ-likeness as preached from the pulpit.

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